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The Garden Glow Story

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

For many 2020 has been a hard, hard year. For some, more so than for others. The national sourdough efforts must seem rather irrelevant to those of the front line of Covid-response or to those who have lost someone. Our story is of the everyday and we tell it in knowledge of its place.

Back in June this year, we emerged – slightly – from our first national lockdown and begun – gingerly - to see one another more………at a distance and outside.

Our gardens, whatever their size and shape, took on a bigger role than they have before. Within them we gathered once more with family and friends. As a nation we’re not bad at a cheese and ham sandwich in the drizzle, this summer we perfected the act. Being outside meant we could see one another again. Occasionally, on a light and balmy summer evening we wondered, tentatively, briefly, at what might happen when the days got shorter and the air chillier.

And so we pictured you in your winter gardens. Tucked up under blankets, tucking into mugs of hot chocolate, toasting your marshmallows, with the gentle glow of fairy lights flickering on faces smiling bravely through another lockdown.

And this is Garden Glow. We have curated a small collection of “around-the-fire” products that will help you continue to make the most of your gardens through a Covid-restricted winter. In our Garden Glow boxes you will find all that you need to enjoy time in your garden whatever the weather. We might even have you out there on Christmas Day! BBQ Turkey? Get ready for the cosiest winter yet at Garden Glow.


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