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The Garden Glow Enamel Mug

In our series celebrating the original Garden Glow UK products, we turn this week to one of our bestsellers – the classic enamel mug. Since starting our small business we have been learning all the time and the thing we most love getting to understand is what draws our customers to a particular product. A sense of history and nostalgia have been part of the answer. Many are drawn to a classic and traditional product, reassured by it having been around for a while and fond of the memories attached.

When we decided to stock the enamel mug, we had that sense of the traditional in mind and pictured happy hands warmed as they clutched hot chocolates by the fire pit. We wanted something classic and simple that would fit with both contemporary and traditional aesthetics and something hard-wearing and long-lasting. We did not predict what our customers would subsequently teach us about the varied lives our mugs would go on to lead!

The Garden Glow enamel mugs have been part of a new café kit-out and proudly sit atop each table storing teaspoons and sugar. They have gone to allotment growers for much needed tea and coffee after a hard morning of digging. Many a camper – and glamper – has woken up to enjoy (after a little preparation!) their morning coffee by the tent in a Garden Glow mug. Christmas stockings have been nicely topped up with a mug and hot chocolate gift set.

A simple, robust, traditional, quality and a what-you-see-is-what-you-get-type-of-product. We will keep stocking these for the long-term and look forward to hearing more stories about how you use yours.



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