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Bonfire Garden Glow...

So we've packed our wondeful Mckellar blankets, our delicious hot chocolate and plenty of mugs for family and friends in our handy medium box and popped it in the car ready to stay with friends this weekend...ready for Bonfire we thought you might want to too..Kate and I created a Bonfire thank you gift for you to take with you, if you're visiting friends this weekend and want to add a little sparkle to your entrance! So additional ideas as well as our usual handy wooden gift boxes on our website are...

....Two blankets, two mugs and two hot chocolates...only £85

....Four mugs and two hot chocolates....only £25

......or mix and match any product

All neatly packed into our medium box for only £15....

Also take advantage of our Bonfire special discount of 10% for two orders or more...apply at checkout! Email us at hello@gardenglow.Uk for your special discount package and we will Build your special gift...

Happy Bonfire night!


Annabelle and Kate 💫🎇🎆



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