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Alfresco Christmas

It’s cold, it’s damp, it’s dark outside. Inside, the heating is on and the seats are dry. And yet, friends and fresh air go hand-in-hand these days. And so, we’re all findings ways to get past any winter alfresco trepidation and create welcoming, memorable gatherings outdoors.

For the most ambitious alfresco diners amongst you, it may well be that the turkey will be served up on the garden table. For many of us, the alfresco step may be a smaller one. For some, it’ll be mulled wine and mince pies around the fire. For others, it’ll be helping little hands clutch that toasting fork loaded with the sugary goo of a marshmallow warming on the fire. For others, it’ll be more about outdoor Christmas cocktails and canapes.

For all of us, it’s about making an inviting moment to celebrate safely with friends and family….whatever the chill-factor.

So let’s get everyone warm. Line your chairs with sheepskins, blankets - as many as you have. We throw one of our Bronte Moon blankets on the back of each chair so that everyone can wrap themselves in warm wool.

Then it’s a matter of something to eat and drink! Whether it’s hot wine, warming cocktails, mocktails, hot chocolate, soup, coffee, tea…….you name it, our enamel mugs have served up many a warming offering. And of course, our toasting forks aren’t just for marshmallows. Get the cocktail sausages going and tuck in with some mulled wine!

Next we need light. To create our best winter night alfresco we use a combination of our GG lights. Our pretty, decorative wire fairy lights will make you area look suitably festive, weave around a wreath or in a glass bowl amidst the Christmas decorations. The outdoor festoons are one of our most popular options, they look great! You’ll need a power point for them and have a think about how you will hang them. We like the option of having battery-powered lights too and our warm-white fairy lights are perfect for those who don’t want to worry about sockets. Whether used on their own or all in combination, warm outdoor lighting will always help to make your alfresco scene a little more inviting!

Maybe you have everything you need already and it’s just a matter of getting out there and putting the alfresco Christmas into action! If not, our Garden Glow boxes will set you up with your alfresco kit. Take a look at All in a Box, you’ll find an option at a range of price points and it might just be the perfect gift to take to your host this Christmas.

With everyone wrapped up, the lights glowing, a fire stoked, plenty to eat and drink, all that’s left is to enjoy the good company of your friends and family. We wish you a very happy alfresco Christmas, ‘tis the season to gather outdoors!


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